Body Vision Piercing
For all your Piercing & Tattoo needs


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All Body Vision Piercings include standard / titanium jewellery, this also includes a follow up appointment for your piercing to ensure its healing correctly and offer any further advice to ensure only the best for you and your body art.

  • Lobe Piercings from $30

  • All other Ear Piercings from $60

  • Nose Piercings from $50

  • Navel Piercings from $65

  • Lip/Medusa/ Smiley Piercings from $70

  • Nipple Piercings from $65

  • Tongue Piercings from $70

  • Eyebrow Piercings from $65

  • Dermal Piercings from $80

  • Intimate Piercings from $100

Jewellery upgrades are also available. Our piercers will be able to guide you through your jewellery options for your piercing and recommend the right type of jewellery to suit you and your piercing needs.


best Piercing Practices


Body Vision Piercing studio provides the highest standard in both ear and body piercing. From lobe piercings  to more advanced surface & dermal piercings, we also offer jewellery changes and stretching to our customers. We specialise in lobe piercings for children, ensuring a smooth and stress free process for both the parents and child.

Body Vision Piercing Studio fully complies with Victorian Health Department Guidelines, Our studio meets all council requirements and regulations for health and hygienic practices. All our inspection documents may be viewed on request.

All tools at Body Vision Piercing studio are processed in an autoclave sterilisation machine. This system operates with an inbuilt printer that documents all cycles of sterilisation performed at the studio. Body Vision Piercing uses only the highest-grade disposable sterile piercing needles that are single use to ensure the best for your piercing.