Body Vision Piercing
For all your Piercing & Tattoo needs


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Body Vision Piercing studio offers artistic piercing solutions for all your body art needs.
The studio boasts the highest grade sterilisation and piercing techniques along with endless jewellery options in a range of metals, ensuring only the best for your next piercing.
From piercing curation through to jewellery changeover Body Vision Piercing studio ensures only the best for you and your piercing.

Body Vision Piercing offers

  • All types of ear & body piercing

  • Specialises in lobe piercing for children

  • Bespoke piercing solutions

  • Endless jewellery options in a range of metals

  • Highest grade of sterilisation

  • High end Jewellery from well know brands including Body Gems, Anatometal & Auris Jewellery.

With accreditations from both London and Melbourne in piercing techniques, safety and best practices. Body Vision Piercing studio offers piercings to only the highest standard in the industry.